ProCredit Bank is the only bank in Serbia with 100% German capital. That is why we apply a German approach to banking, which encourages a savings habit and promotes financial planning for the future.


In addition, we responsibly manage the funds entrusted to us and invest those funds in lending operations and the development of Serbia’s economy and agriculture, and not in speculative placements.


The primary advantage of savings with ProCredit Bank is thus security.

In addition, we offer:


  • Fast access to your funds
  • Flexible savings services


In terms of agriculture, ProCredit Bank savings offer an excellent means to harmonise your plans, needs and capabilities. Saving with ProCredit Bank therefore provides many advantages for agricultural producers.


Because all businesses are different, ProCredit Bank offers you the choice of daily or monthly interest payments on your savings.


Depending on your plans and outgoings, ProCredit Bank offers the following savings services: